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A Cross Border Conundrum

Irish Water Farrans

Reliable, Fuel Efficient & Agile 

What the client asked:
When Farrans Construction ( and their client Irish Water embarked on a new water metering contract in Dublin, the transport challenges were certainly daunting. Our client needed economical vans that were reliable, fuel efficient, mobile in an urban environment and came with first class servicing and backup support. They also required specific health and safety features to satisfy union regulations.

What we delivered:
By listening to Farrans needs, we found a solution. We removed all the stress that comes with a difficult transitional process like this. We arranged delivery and registration of the fleet – complete with tracking device for all vans, so fuel usage could be monitored and each vehicle could be located at all times. Safety features, such as reversing cameras, were installed into each van making every vehicle compliant. We also arranged a training session to ensure that Farrans and Irish Water were confident about the processes we put in place and both organisations are using these solutions to full advantage in their combined activities.

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