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How Much Does It Cost to Run an Electric Car?



The cost to run an electric car in comparison to fuelling a petrol or diesel car is one of the aspects of EVs that make them so appealing and contributes to the attractiveness of the whole life cost of EVs.

Zap Map’s Journey Cost Calculator allows users to compare the cost of driving an electric vehicle on a typical journey with those of driving a petrol or diesel car.  Some examples include:

Comparing a VW ID.3 with a diesel VW T–Roc shows a cost per mile of 4.1p versus 10.8p respectively.  Over a year, you could save up to £613* by driving the ID.3 instead of the T–Roc (based on 9,000 miles per annum).

Comparing an Audi Q4 e–tron with a diesel Audi Q3 shows a cost per mile of 4.1p versus 10.8p respectively.  An annual mileage of 9,000 miles, show a cost saving of up to £668* in the Q4 e–tron’s favour.

* Cost comparison based on home electricity cost of 16.5 pence per kWh versus 111.7 per litre of diesel.

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