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How Far Can an Electric Car be Driven Without Refuelling?

EV Range


The range for electric vehicles varies depending on the make, model and range, but this year there have been a number of new models introduced to the market that can extend to 250+ real world miles.  And the range is only going to keep improving as car manufacturers learn more about the technology.

The average distance travelled per day in Northern Ireland is just 15 miles (source). So, while this is a common concern, for most car drivers in Northern Ireland, it is rare that you will need to refuel away from home or be at risk of running out of fuel. 

 As part of the Government’s Ten Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution, it has pledged a £2.8 billion funding package to accelerate the shift to zero emission vehicles, of which £1.3 billion has been ear–marked for investment in charging infrastructure, including rapid charge points on motorways and major roads, as well as the installation of on–street charge points near homes and workplaces. So the away–from–home charging infrastructure, which is admittedly lacking at present, is going to significantly improve over the next few years.

Right now, we can advise on the best smartphone apps to help you manage the distance range on your EV.  We can share our favourites for journey planning and for accessing charge point locations and real–time rapid charger availability.


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