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Drivers Guide

Personal Tax

When choosing a new company car, organisations and drivers should be aware there are personal tax implications for the model and options chosen on the vehicle. So it’s important to choose carefully. For more information and help in deciding which vehicle is the right one for your requirements, click on the link below:


It is critical to provide safe roadworthy vehicles for your staff by effectively managing the maintenance and servicing on each vehicle. Late servicing and poor maintenance are also key contributors to extensive devaluation of vehicles, so it’s important to ensure that all routine servicing and corrosion checks are carried out on time or mileage as specified by the manufacturer.

Full Maintenance (UK only) – All information will be supplied in drivers handbook.
To book a service, check the driver handbook on where to go for a service. Drivers should nominate a service provider at the start of the contract. Please notify us if there are any driver changes, so we can keep our records up to date.

Tyres: Charles Hurst, Kwik–Fit or Modern Tyre Service
1. Punctures are not covered.
2. Once contract miles have been reached, maintenance ceases.
3. Windscreens and glass are not covered.
4. Drivers responsibility to have services carried out at manufacturers intervals.

Breakdown Cover

Breakdowns are unpredictable, and often happen at the worst possible time. Our Breakdown Rescue & Replacement Vehicle cover is one way to eliminate disruption.

We will give you a direct number to phone in your hour of need. We’ll organise roadside assistance, and get you and your car where you need to be as quickly as possible.

Breakdown & Recovery

1– Inside Normal Working Hours

In the event of a breakdown inside normal working hours drivers should contact our Fleet Control Office +44 (0)2890 30 9000

2– Outside normal working hours

In the event of a breakdown outside normal working hours, new vehicles have a manufacturer–linked breakdown recovery service and this should be used while valid. The details are contained in the manufacturers handbook pack supplied with the vehicle and drivers should familiarise themselves with the individual package for their particular make and model.

If the manufacturer–backed recovery service has expired, then we supply an AA Fleet rescue card which has a Freephone number and Membership Number printed on it, and this may then be used.

This card is for Radius cars only and must not be used for other vehicles.  

End of Contract

Once the contract has finished, a condition report will be carried out on the vehicle.

Vehicle condition and disputes approved by the British Vehicle Road Leasing Association (BVRLA) guide on fair wear and tear.

In case of an accident 
CALL +44 (0)28 9072 29 59

Accidents do happen, so when they do, it is important to go through the process correctly. Radius has therefore introduced a new Accident Management program which removes administrative responsibility. This facility ensures that each accident is resolved from the initial accident report through to returning the vehicle to the driver.

Details of this program and relevant contact information will be supplied with the vehicle (Logo and Number supplied).

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