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Working at Traction Finance

Radius Vehicle Solutions has been helping individuals and businesses with vehicle finance and management since 2003.  What started as a small–scale company in Belfast has now grown to support customers across the UK and Ireland and with that we have built a strong, passionate and knowledgeable team. 

Whilst being a family–owned business with strong family values, the team at Radius has been strategically formed to offer industry–leading knowledge and experience in line with the company’s ambitions for further growth.  As well as having an impressive portfolio of vehicles extending to around 3,750 in its fleet, Radius is a driven company that exists to keep its customers on the road, whatever it takes.

Read on to find out what some of our existing team loves about working at Radius, and why they think you should join the Traction family too.


Laura McMinn, Sales Admin

Laura has worked in the motor trade since she left school, first working in retail environments before moving into vehicle finance.  Laura has now been with Radius for 4 years and her day–to–day role involves liaising with customers and dealers, creating paperwork, and arranging vehicle deliveries.

Laura describes Radius as “a developing business that is expanding rapidly”, which she thinks makes it an exciting place to work.

“We are a small staff but everyone works really well together.  It’s a really nice atmosphere and great craic.  If you need to ask a question there’s always someone to help and if you have a problem you can talk about it. It’s a very approachable business.”

When asked why someone should want to work at Radius, Laura added: “It’s what’s to come that I find exciting.  We are emerging as a strong contender to larger companies in Northern Ireland and now having Gus Commercials and being part of the wider Radius Group gives us another string to our bow too”.

Patricia McCormick, Accounts Admin

Patricia has been with Radius Vehicle Solutions for 20 years so makes up part of the many long–serving staff that Radius has.

Patricia enjoys being part of the Radius Vehicle Solutions “family”.

“It is very much a team and a tight knit group.  Paul [McGuire] is very family orientated and the values that he has are carried through to the staff and ultimately to our customers as well.  With all of the management there’s empathy and understanding and if they can make your life easier they’ll do their utmost to accommodate you.  As long as the work gets done and you do right by the company, the company will do right by you.”

Of the working conditions, Patricia added; “The office is really modern and we have all the best equipment.  If there’s anything we need we just have to ask.” 

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